Tuesday, January 6, 2009


UPDATE on using my new Wii fit: WOW! I am surprised at how sore I was yesterday! Boxing left my shoulders, back and arms so sore! I think I boxed for a total of an hour on Sunday and later that night I ran using the Wii fit for a total of 15 minutes (did the game a few times) and did strength training for about 10 minutes. What I really love about the Wii is that it keeps my time on how long I have been on it.

Funny thing about the Wii fit- it provides motivational insults-lol! I was doing a balancing game- which I obviously wasn't good at- and the Wii's response: "Your score is not very good. Do you fall down when you walk?" Shocked at first at what it said and then I couldn't stop laughing. I am really happy with our Wii fit!


  1. I'm a new Wii Fit user, and I guess I don't have boxing yet. I suppose I have to unlock it. It sounds like fun! I skiied today, it's been about 19 years since I did that!

  2. I'm slowly getting sucked into the idea of a Wii fit...boxing and skiing, how fun!

    And a workout program that insults you...totally wrong, but that sounds hysterical! :-)