Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Biggest Loser Workout: Cardio Max Review

........ I LOVE IT!

So a few things about the DVD:

1. The DVD is divided up into 3 segments of workouts: Week 1 & 2; Week 3 & 4; Week 5 & 6

2. There are 3 different levels you can choose to workout on- Level 1 which is about 30 minutes and up to a level 3 which is 50 minutes. (Once your comfortable with level 1 then you move up to level 2 etc)

3. You can customize your own workout- you can select if you want to do the warm-up, just the cardio, what level etc.

4. You can choose to listen to the trainer talk or just watch the movements and listen to the music. (Music isn't anything special- so I recommend listening to the trainer)

This morning I only did the Level 1- Week 1 workout. This workout is with Bob but Jillian and Kim are in the DVD as well (must be on different levels). So far I thought it was really good. Bob gave options for low intensity and high intensity. This level did require weights.

I am not going to lie- I was sweating and a little out of breath during these 30 minutes. The moves are basic but they MAKE YOU WORK. So if you need the fancy choreographed workout DVD's this one wouldn't be for you. My level workout consisted of a 5 minute warm-up, 30 minute workout and then a 5 minute stretch/yoga. I am really looking forward to the other workouts on the DVD.

One thing I really liked about this DVD- is that some of the past contestants were featured doing the workout in the background. They all looked like me- sweating, tired and giving Bob the evil eye- lol! They were just 'normal' people doing the workout like all of us. **NOTE** I hate the workout DVD's where they all have matching outfits, no one breaks a sweat and they just sit and smile the entire time-lol**

My over all rating:

**NOTE** I rented this DVD from our local library. Great way to check out workout DVDs before you purchase them!

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