Saturday, January 31, 2009

Stress Eater

I am a HUGE stress eater.......when things start to get overwhelming- I reach for food. I have been really trying to be more aware of this. When I go into the kitchen I have been trying to ask myself if I am really hungry etc. Other times I cave in and throw myself a pity party.......which isn't good. I feel good though with the few times I have been able to remind myself that I am eating for the wrong reasons and walk right back out of the kitchen!

Weight loss this week: 2 pounds


  1. Well done on walking out! Habits like those are the hardest to break, but you've recognized it and dealing with it! :-)

  2. Good job on the weightloss. I am not so much as a stress eater, but I am a social eater and tend to use food as entertainment. I fell short this weekend, but am back on track!

  3. Just tell yourself that eating doesn't actually relieve the stress - it ADDS to it because you'll regret it later and worry about how it will affect your weigh-in. Keep up the great work!